The no breakage brush you must try!

……As one’s hair get older, it tends to get more brittle, and grey hairs tend to be more frizzy looking and often thinner so taking care of it is even more important.

Ironically, since using the Tangle Teezers – and I have lots – my hair has broken much less even though the grey is coming in faster than ever! ….

Best Boots …Last of the great sales

Everywhere there are massive discounts and rather than being the normal end-of-sale tat, as I’d expect at this time in January, there’s a lot of highly desirable stuff around, with a good choice of sizes.

Wonderful Winter Sales

(…plus how to get great US bargains with a few clicks…and beating the Vitamin D blues..)

Hair heros…Keratin and Olaplex trements

“…The wonderful advantage of Keratin treatments is that they make your hair a lot stronger than before….”

Just the right jewellery

I make it a rule never to leave the house without wearing at least a pair of earrings and a necklace – I just feel unready without them! Ridiculous I know butĀ if your neck is getting somewhat less swan-like, then a strategically placed chain or beads does a lot to compensate…Ditto wearing a pair of… Continue reading Just the right jewellery

Cosy capes, Winter white coats

The unpredictable climate is one of the reasons the current trend for capes, ponchos, wraps and assorted other woolly shawls worn alone or over jackets is rapidly becoming popular. The other is that they are extremely versatile and flattering and work well whatever your age.